The Golog Support Foundation Luxembourg is a non-profit organisation established to offer aid to the Golog region in eastern Tibet. It works closely together with a wider group – the Golog Support Foundation – that consists of partners in Europe and Golog, Tibet. In Europe, we are present in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Ireland. We raise money to fund the Foundation’s projects. In Tibet, the Golog group consists of local partners– Buddhist monasteries, rural schools, institutes of traditional Tibetan medicine, as well as local nomad families– who initiate and facilitate medical and social projects for the Tibetan people.

We create opportunities for Tibetans to have a viable chance of improving their quality of life, and at the same time, provide an opportunity for all generous ones to offer their support.

Apart from healthcare, the Golog Support Foundation also aims to provide support for Tibetan children of nomadic families and rural education.


Golog Support Luxembourg Asbl

91 Cité Roger Schmitz, 7381 Bofferdange, Luxembourg


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