A 3rd floor for education

The new building in Gabde will house our second Health Centre project. However, it is possible to build a 3rd floor where medical training could be given to young Tibetans. This would create opportunities for the young people, give continuity to the project and assure the knowledge of Tibetan medicine for future generations.

Medical equipment

There is almost no medical equipment available in the region, therefore there is a great need for examination and diagnosis equipment, as well as equipment for basic medical care. The tools for blood and urine analysis and an x-ray machine would make a huge difference!

A gynaecologist

The lack of a specialist is very much needed in the region. This situation leads to poor health and high levels of mother and child mortality. Additionally, the Asian woman is by nature very shy and does not speak openly about many specific female problems, therefore a female doctor is specially needed.

A dentist

The presence of a dentist would be of great benefit for the local people who have never had the opportunity to have their teeth checked and treated.

An ophthalmologist

Also the presence of an eye doctor is very much needed to provide people with glasses when necessary and prevent them from losing their eyesight in case of diseases.

Operation room with staff

The local people have to travel to one of the big cities to reach a hospital. In many cases there is no time or even the possibility to travel 400/500 kilometres to the nearest hospital, so one of our goals is to have an operation theatre for emergency cases, probably in the second Health Centre.

Medicine Buddha temple/shrine room

In the Tibetan tradition it is very common to bless the medicines, so a Medicine Buddha temple or a shrine room in the Health Centre would be most welcome. For a Tibetan, when a lama blesses the medicines, they have a more positive outcome on the mind.

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