We’re enormously grateful to you for your generosity as a sponsor. We know that your contribution represents a sacrifice for you and we are keenly aware of our responsibility to see to it that you get something in return.

As a sponsor of the Golog Support Luxembourg you can make a real difference in all sorts of ways both for yourself and for  people in Tibet. On a personal level it’s incredibly inspiring and instructive to contribute something. Through your contribution you are making a direct personal contact over great distances. You are helping people to have a normal life and so helping to preserve a unique piece of culture.

You can help by donating money to support our projects, by volunteering or through a combination of both. There are many other options, such as “Golog on your birthday”  or organising an event.

As a donor

You can make a contribution to the following account:

Golog Support Luxembourg Asbl
Swift Code: CCPLLULL
IBAN LU06 1111 7014 4134 0000
(Entreprise des P et T)

Or via PayPal


As a volunteer

As a volunteer you have a direct link to what is happening on the other side of the world in Golog. You will learn from working with the other culture and this will broaden your horizons and your skills. And more about the culture of work.

Help us because it’s for a good cause and above all because it’s great fun. The Golog Support Luxembourg combines compassion, creativity and entrepreneurship in getting projects like these off the ground. We hand over the initiative for our projects entirely to the Tibetans themselves and by doing so we’ve built up a very deep and personal bond of trust. This is why it’s so tremendously enjoyable to be a sponsor or volunteer for the Golog Support Luxembourg. And your help is hugely appreciated !

Interested? Then send an email to info@gologsupport.lu  including:

  • Who you are
  • A brief CV
  • What you’re good at and what you really enjoy doing
  • How you would like to contribute to the Golog Support Luxembourg

Organise an event

Do you think it would be fun to organise an event for the Golog Support Luxembourg?

Then send an email to info@gologsupport.lu

Golog Support on your birthday

The Golog Support Luxembourg is doing its very best to create a big network and wants as many people as possible to know that the people of Golog need help. On your birthday, would you like to tell all your friends and family about our work? Then send an email (without obligation) to  info@gologsupport.lu

Your help is needed, now and in the future!

After reading about our projects, have you thought of even more ways to help us? Don’t be shy, send an email to info@gologsupport.lu because help is needed, now and in the future, so all ideas are welcome!

Golog Support Luxembourg Asbl

91 Cité Roger Schmitz, 7381 Bofferdange, Luxembourg

Email: info@gologsupport.lu

Donate through our bank account:

Swift Code: CCPLLULL
IBAN LU06 1111 7014 4134 0000
(Entreprise des P et T)

or via PayPal: