Since the creation of the Golog Support Luxembourg, a number of worthwhile projects have been undertaken in Tibet which have improved the quality of life of local people living in the Golog region.

Our way of working incorporates both Western and Tibetan ideologies. Think globally, act locally, is a motto which reflects the Tibetan approach. Here are a few points which very much characterize the Tibetan approach, inspired by their Buddhist worldview:

  1. A long-term view does not mean just a few years, but several generations.
  2. Goals and plans arise from a holistic worldview:  everything is interdependent and nothing can be seen in isolation.
  3. Hit the ground running. Instead of first making plans and then acting, you plan as you go along.

We find it a wonderful challenge and opportunity to combine the power of both Western and Tibetan visions in our work. In this way we are working to create opportunities for Tibetans, especially the young and future generations.

The Golog Support Luxembourg has three main areas of activity:

What are these projects and what exactly do we do with your money? In the next pages, you can find a “CV” of the Golog Support Luxembourg.

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