Five days walking to find a doctor.

Tibetan nomads of the Golog region. Photo credit Matthieu Ricard.
Tibetan nomads of the Golog region. Photo credit Matthieu Ricard.

Eight hours traveling by bus to get to a hospital.

This is daily life for the nomadic population of Golog. Please help us bring much needed healthcare services to the people of Golog!

The Situation The inhabitants of the Golog region have little or no access to medical care or health care. The doctor is literally too far away, and often too expensive to be easily accessible. Because of this, many people die unnecessarily, including young mothers with their babies before, during, or after childbirth.

The Golog Support Luxembourg is dedicated to improving the health and education of the Tibetan nomadic population.

Our desire is twofold: 1) Offering free medical care for the poorest. 2) Ensuring that our local Tibetan partners– the local doctors, monasteries, and traditional Tibetan medical institutes with whom we work– have the means to independently and successfully manage and operate our health care centers.

Our Locations For our medical facilities, we have selected two sites in the very rural Darlag area of southwestern Golog, in the far western regions of Tibet. Both of medical facilities, Pende Menkhang and Gabde, are accessible in both summer and winter to the local population, whose nomadic lives are very much influenced by the weather, seasonal road conditions, and nomadic herding patterns. We reach a total of approximately 50,000 people who were until recently, deprived of immediate medical attention.


A brief history of the Golog Healthcare Project

Summer 2009:  the Mobile Healthcare Team

The mobile doctor's office
The mobile doctor’s office


The waiting room
The waiting room


The Team
The Team


The Doctor at work
The Doctor at work

In the summer of 2009, we initiated our first healthcare out reach project. A tent, a truck, a doctor, a supply of medicines, a secretary and a nurse formed the mobile center. Various sites were visited at a very high altitude with the motto: “Bring the Doctor Closer.” It was a remarkable success. Word of the mobile doctor spread quickly through valleys and mountain peaks, making it possible for the medical team to reach 1800 people for free consultations and medication. All services were provided based on traditional Tibetan medicine.

2010:  The first healthcare center

The success of the Mobile Healthcare Team in 2009 gave hope to the nomads, which led to a surprisingly dynamic, energetic entrepreneurship, and collaboration.

In early 2010, the opportunity arose to build a healthcare center in Darlag. A building was constructed with six rooms on a piece of land donated by the local monastery.

Autumn 2010: the Pende Menkhang Health Centre opens

In October 2010, the doors of this centre opened and a year later, in October 2011, it was fully managed and operated by the local monastery which had originally donated the land.

The pharmacy

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