Pendhe Menkhang

Pen means ‘advantage’

Dhe means ‘happiness’ 

Menkhang means ‘hospital’


Pendhe Menkhang: the hospital that will be bring as an advantage the source of happiness

At the beginning of 2010, the opportunity arose to build our first health care center in Machen county, Darlag province, Golog prefecture (果洛 藏族 ⾃ 治 州 玛沁 县).

In the town of Dawu, on a donated piece of land from a local monastery, a small health center, equipped with six rooms, was built and opened its doors to the public in October 2010. It was named Pendhe Menkhang.

Local nomad families receive free health consultations and medication. Consultations are conducted in the tradition of Tibetan medicine and complemented, where appropriate, with western medicine.

In 2011, a water well was dug, providing clean water to the health center. In 2012, a medicine manufacturer was built next to the health center, producing traditional Tibetan medicines for Pende Mekhang’s patients and nearby families.

In line with the objectives of the Golog Support Foundation, the Pendhe Menkhang Health Care center is now independently managed by the nearby monastery and has become fully financially self-sufficient.

In 2016, three new monk-physicians began working in the hospital, Akhu Darji, Chubji, and Derden. All three are graduates of the Mordo Tashi Dartang Tibetan Medical Institute 兴 海 县 扎 ⻄ 达 . They have been trained as general practitioners in traditional Tibetan medicine. They each receive approximately 2000 RMB per month (275 euros monthly salary).

Chubji, graduated doctor of traditional Tibetan medicine and working in Pende Menkhang


Thubshir, school director and teacher
Thubten, head of monastery







The hospital can provide general health care for over 2000 families in the nearby vicinity. The nearest hospital is in Gabde town, which is at more than 100 km distance away. For most people with general health care needs, Pende Mekhang is the only accessible hospital and much more convenient than the hospital in the county town of Gabde. The area is remote and only accessible by dirt roads, which are sometimes in bad condition due to rainfall.



2009 Project “Bring the doctor closer” (mobile health unit)                € 5.274,05

2010 Pende Mekhang Healthcare centre (construction)                      € 15.200,00

2011 Pende Mekhang Healthcare centre (equipment and supplies)        € 15.415,00


Future wishes and needs

  • More experienced and accredited nurses and doctors. Because the monastery itself is in such a remote location, there are not are many doctors that choose to work in rural healthcare. Therefore, the wage offered by the monastery for experienced well-trained doctors is relatively high 5000 RMB (€ 666.00) to 6,000 RMB (€ 800.00) per month.
  • In addition, there is a great need to find female doctors, or non-monk doctors, as medical examinations for female patients are often culturally embarrassing for both male monk physicians and female patients, thereby leaving often critical maternal or gynecological conditions improperly attended to.
  • More patient rooms; better quality patient beds
  • A wooden medicinal bath because of the high prevalence in arthritis (80%). Tuberculosis is seen often in patients.



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