Golog Support Luxembourg

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Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization set up to help the Golog region in eastern Tibet.

We raise money to fund our Golog projects. In Tibet, the Golog group consists of local partners who initiate and facilitate medical and social projects for the locals.

We create opportunities for people in Golog to have a viable chance of improving their quality of life, and at the same time, provide an opportunity for all generous sponsors to offer support.

Our Projects

Golog Health

Golog Health

Five days walking to get to a doctor, eight hours traveling by bus to get to a hospital. This is the daily life for the nomadic population of Golog. We can bring the doctor closer by, can you help us with it?

Golog Education

Golog Education

The Golog Support Luxembourg has adopted a school in the town of Dawu where English classes are taught. Teachers are monks attached to the associated monastery where they receive basic room and board.

Golog Childfund

Golog Childfund

Golog Child Fund provides care to a group of children who are orphaned and a group of children who have lost one parent. We do this by providing shelter, clothing, food and medication if necessary.

Golog Support Luxembourg Asbl

91 Cité Roger Schmitz, 7381 Bofferdange, Luxembourg

Email: info@gologsupport.lu

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